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Library Of Board Games

Sente is the creation of Caitlin Doolittle and Thomas Koch. Their goal is to create a friendly place in downtown Wichita where you can relax, enjoy coffee, and bond over board games. Located in the historic northwest corner of Douglas Avenue and Market Street, we offer a unique coffeehouse experience. Sente is named for a move in the game Go. “Sente is the move when you sort of force the other player’s hand,” Caitlin says. “It’s kind of like check in chess.” With over 200 board games (and counting), there's something for every taste and age group. Gamers can choose from Chess, Checkers, Go, Cards Against Humanity, King of Tokyo, Settlers of Catan, Dixit, and much much more! Not only do we want people to come in and game their hearts out, the space is also accessible to anyone who needs somewhere to study or just relax. Comfy seating, gourmet coffee, snacks, classic board games, friends old and new – Sente has something for everyone!

All The Games You Could Possibly Want

Playing At Sente

$3 per person gets you access the game library all day! That means you can play in the morning and then come back to play after dinner without paying the fee again! And there is no time limit, so you and your friends wont feel rushed finishing a game. With our punch-card every 5th day pass is free. Finally, we have monthly memberships available: a monthly membership for 1 person costs $9, and a membership for 2 people only costs $12! Come on in and let the games begin!

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